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We know the importance of all the information that your company manages, being the Basis of your business, but the important thing is not only to know how to handle it but how to store it competitively speaking.

Sumando is the company that will carry the knowledge in latest technologies to be competitive and able to arrive safely and securely to all your information through a global plan for sustainable development.


In Sumando we believe that the vision is not infinite, that's why we bet on training programs so that all our professionals are always up-to- date in all the technologies that are emerging.

We bet on an IT staff very close and very easy access getting the desired effect of friendly and at the same time resolutive treatment.

Philosophy as a company of Technology applied to Digital, Interactive Services and Call center for information is based on:

  • Highly competitive
  • Continuous monitoring of the project
  • Transparency in all processes
  • Prefinished costs without frights
  • Parameterized reports


We combine talent, technology and creativity to enable our trading partners and our commercial customers to create value through connected commerce.

All this is possible thanks to the study of your project in:

  • Equipment inventories
  • Security audit
  • Proper management of Suppliers
  • Definition of Systems Policies
  • Implementation of virtual Call centers
  • Digital transformation
  • Custom Support
  • Custom Applications
  • Continuous training
  • Virtualization and networking

Sumando we adapt to your business needs to achieve the balance between people and management systems. We implement your ideas in the services you need to improve and grow.



Extensive range of tailored services aimed at maximizing partner monetization through a deep understanding of user data:

  • CRM & Data Analytics
  • Managed services
  • Software development
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Purchase Outosourcing


Telephone service and information service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The call will be answered by a large team of professionals, trained to offer you the best service and the best information, providing additional data to the requested services.
We have our own database and a team dedicated to its constant updating to always offer the best and most correct information. You can request how much information you want; there is no limit of consultations.


Innovative integrated services in social networks and internet advertising acting as customer- oriented catalysts to boost their digital and commercial activity.


Sumando ,S.L.
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28017 Madrid Spain


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